Camera Updates

Shooting with the Pentax k3 and finding it to be an excellent camera and a worthwhile upgrade from the k5 series. Plenty of options to help you achieve the shots you desire with this piece of kit.

If you are looking for a sharp lens for wildlife you’d be very impressed with the Pentax da* 300 mm prime lens. One of my favourite pieces of kit which can be handled well without having to use a tripod. With the 1.5x factor once mounted on the camera this lens transforms into a very impressive 450mm.
If you are looking out for a versatile zoom lens I can highly recommended the Pentax DA* 60-250mm. I’ve found it to be particularly useful when tracking bird life where my options for moving location without spooking the wildlife have been limited.
Match the Pentax K3 or k5 cameras up with these lenses and you have yourself a top quality outfit which will give impressive results.